Quality Assurance

Mind Quality Mark

Kettering Mind is committed to Mind’s Quality Mark. The reason for these standards is to ensure that as a Local Mind Association, we are continually improving the quality of the service we provide and incorporate best practice in all aspects of our work.

The standards include:
1.Commitment to quality
2.Measuring performance
4.Planning and policy development
5.Financial management and systems
6.People management
8.User involvement
9.Equality and diversity
10.Networking and partnerships
11.Standards for services

Quality Policy

Kettering Mind recognises the importance of the Mind Quality System. This policy outlines how Kettering Mind will implement and maintain quality management.

The management team lead the quality standards monitoring group, which meets monthly. This group is open to anyone involved with Kettering Mind, who is interested in being actively involved in monitoring the services and Standards that the organisation provides. The management team can co-opt people who have more in depth knowledge of a service, as and when that service is being looked at / reviewed.

The management team will work on attaining the best possible level in the appropriate service standards, and support other workers involved in quality management, in between the monthly groups.

The management team will report to the Executive Committee the progress of the quality management in Kettering Mind.