Pennels is our newest fixed-term residency for adults who are wishing to work towards independent living in new or previous accommodation. We aim to provide a comfortable, secure environment where tenants will have the opportunity to learn or re-learn social and daily living skills and take part in the day to day running of the house.

The accommodation

The house provides seven bedrooms, five of which have en-suite bathrooms. On the ground floor there are large and comfortable communal rooms including a modern kitchen and ample storage space.


pennels living room

We pride ourselves on providing accommodation of the highest quality. Over 18 months The property has been extensively renovated to a high standard to make living at Pennels as nice as possible through the hard work of our staff, volunteers and partners.

Who can apply?

Pennels is for adults who may benefit from support to reintegrate into the community following hospital admission, learn or re learn daily living skills or who may wish to increase their independence with a view to moving onto managing their own tenancy.

How do I apply?

Call Us to speak with the manager about vacancies and support packages.